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Anticafe Montreal


I am in love with the Anticafe in Montreal, Canada. My friend Isabelle discovered it first so she does get all credits because she introduced me to this beautiful, MAJESTIC cafe that can only be described as some sort of heaven on earth. Yes, I am getting a little carried away but seriously…I love it. Located right in downtown Montreal in Place Des Arts, the location is perfect for students, locals and tourists alike. The entrance isn’t super easy find and if you blink you might miss the door that leads to your second home so keep your eyeballs wide opened!


The concept surrounding the cafe is what makes it so interesting in the first place. It is less of a cafe and more of a home. With two levels, each floor has an open space with couches, chairs, stools and also a few private rooms each equipped with a table and chairs.

The kitchen is a buffet of coffee, teas and cookies for unlimited consumption while you’re there. You can sit anywhere in the house while chatting with friends, playing chess, enjoying the entertainment or in my case, study for a final (fantastic right?).

For the first hour that you’re there you pay $3 and for each consequent hour you stay there for, you pay $2. However, once you stay there for 9 hours, you no longer have to keep paying. I can tell you that I once stayed there for a solid 12 hours. Dedication people! But really, I had to study for my calc final and the anxiety was real.


I have spent time in the private rooms as well as the open spaces and while both are great, they differ in the type of experience it provides you. If you’re going for a more quiet alone time in order to really concentrate, I would definitely suggest getting there early and snatching a private room. Not only is it a little hidden away so that you get pretty much absolute silence, you don’t get distracted by the people around you. I’m no people hater BUT sometimes I find myself looking up at every single person that comes into the space I’m sitting in and it’s definitely harder to concentrate on solving those related rates problems you know?


However, spending time in the open space is more of a coffee shop feel where you have more traffic coming and going. It is never super loud but sometimes towards the end of the night when there are activities going on and more people, it can get a little chatty which I love. It’s the perfect place to come with friends and chill while getting an amazing view of Place Des Arts. Let me tell you , during the Jazz Festival, second floor is the bomb. As you can see from the picture above, not only do you get a full view of the festival, you can hear the music as well. Best seats in the house I swear.



I’m a little sad because I never actually took a picture of the kitchen and all the beautiful cookies, crackers and candies that look so good I probably gained 10 pounds by just looking at it.It doesn’t help that in reality I probably did gain 10 pounds because I couldn’t stop eating those damn pretzel hoops they have. However, not only do they have amazing snacks, they have a great selection of teas and plus they make amazing coffee (with love)! If you’re not feeling a hot drink there’s always iced tea and sometimes maybe iced coffee (if you’re lucky)!


The last thing I want to talk about is the people who work here. Once you start coming here more, you start to recognize faces and start conversations while grabbing your next mountain of cookies. They are so genuine and it really completes the experience. Not only do you feel like you’re spending time at home, the people start to feel like family.

If given the option, I would totally sleep there at night. I’m coming back the next morning anyways, why even go home?

Here is the link to their website if you want to know more! This is a must visit if you’re in need of a good time, study session or you just need a space to relax.

Until next time!


Sindy Spencer


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