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Bittersweet Goodbyes

I moved out of my dorm this morning with what seemed like all of my worldly possessions. Yes, it’s a bit of an over exaggeration but seriously, how did I end up with so much stuff? I moved in with three suitcases, but today, I left with three suitcases and more than ten bags (no exaggeration).

Yesterday, was the official move out date for students in residences, but because my lease for the new apartment actually started today, it seemed more logical to extend my stay for one extra night. So while the majority of my friends were moving out yesterday morning, I stayed in bed and watched episodes of The Office with my friend Isabelle. My roommate moved out yesterday morning, but I really didn’t feel so sad until mid afternoon when I came home to an empty room. Her side was completely clean and it looked like no one ever lived there. Normally I would have been ecstatic to have the room all to myself but for some reason I knew this time wasn’t the same.

I was walking back on campus yesterday afternoon while the sun was starting to set and there were people sitting on the field, talking and laughing. For some reason, I suddenly got really, really sad. Campus looked extra beautiful despite the many times I’ve cursed this place for (low-key) trying to suffocate me and kill my GPA. I kept thinking about all the changes that were happening while listening to I’ll Always Remember You by Hannah Montana and I was on the verge of breaking down. I have to address one thing first though. I have no idea why I have that Hannah Montana song on my phone, but apparently I do, and I like it so…come at me people.

It was weird to think I would probably never see half the people living in my dorm again. When you live far away from each other, you have to make an effort to maintain the friendship and there are certain people I know I won’t stay in contact with. It was also weird when I realized I wouldn’t be living across the hall or next door to my friends. I wouldn’t be able to text them at 2am asking if they were awake for a chill session and make that two second journey to their room. There wouldn’t be anymore new memories made in those rooms and all we can do now is cherish the ones that we’ve made already.

Throwback to my room on move-in day 

It seemed like just yesterday I was moving all my stuff in and didn’t know anyone. The people that I saw walking in were complete strangers to me and elevator rides were mostly silent. As I walked out of my room carrying my last bag with me, I stared long and hard at my completely empty room. The place had been my home for the last eight months and I can’t say that I won’t miss it. I do think that there are certain experiences you can never re-do or have again and first year dorm life is definitely one of them. I’m so happy that my experience was positive and not only did I meet some of my best friends here, I also gained a family away from home.

I’m starting to sound really cheesy but the fact is I’m feeling extra cheesy these days. I’m never one to be good at goodbyes and this one has been very hard for me. The fact of the matter is that a new chapter is starting and all I can do is hope for the best.

More stories about moving out and finishing first year coming soon. Be sure to come back and read all about it.


Sindy Spencer



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